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October 7, 2015

will forte

The Guys Stage a Reverse Intervention for Will Forte on 'The League' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 2nd 2011 6:30AM
'The League' - 'The Out of Towner'Pete's been in a bit of a dry spell of late on 'The League' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on FX), so he was more than thrilled that their old buddy Chuck (Will Forte) was coming back into town. Back in the day, his very disturbing antics with the single ladies allowed Pete to come in and smooth things over. It was a win-win!

But when Chuck showed up, he was disturbingly with a chip commemorating his sobriety. This simply won't do, so the boys tried to stage a reverse-intervention to convince him to drink. Chuck was strong, but no one was strong enough later when Andre accidentally used cocaine instead of confectioners sugar to rim the glasses for drinks later.

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Will Forte Teaches Chris the 'Flex' to Sex Up His Marriage on 'Up All Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 29th 2011 2:15AM
'Up All Night' - 'Working Late and Working It'This week's 'Up All Night' (Wed., 8PM ET on NBC) explored a truth that new parents generally discover quite abruptly one day. They've stopped caring about how they look around the house ... and sometimes in public, too.

This tends to be more difficult for the men to handle, which is why Chris wound up reaching out to a fellow new father, played by Will Forte, for advice. Reed (Forte) agrees to come over to teach Chris a few tricks to get Reagan to make more of an effort.

The idea is for Chris to sex up his image a bit, which Reed showed him has a lot to do with your clothing, and especially your underwear. While showing off his "sexy" briefs, he let Chris in on the power of the glute flex, which lifts and adds volume to your rear-end.

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Amy Sedaris Models Weekender Pants and Goes Crazy on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 31st 2011 4:19AM
Will Forte & Amy Sedaris, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Amy Sedaris pulled on a pair of Weekender pants and all bets were off on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:30AM ET on NBC). What happened next genuinely defies description, as she displayed moves and flexibility that had Jimmy Fallon falling off his chair with laughter.

Even comedian Will Forte, on the couch, had no idea how to react or what to do. Everything felt so completely inappropriate, and yet it really wasn't. What Sedaris was doing, though, was showing us the stretch, comfort and versatility of the pants.

"These work because they have an inside pant," she said striking a pose. "You know what I mean? So you wear them all weekend."

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Fred Willard Books 'The Closer' 100th Episode, 'Game of Thrones' Grows and More Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 29th 2011 3:00PM
Fred WillardFred Willard is stopping by 'The Closer' just in time to celebrate the TNT drama's 100th episode.

According to EW, Willard will play Santa. Sort of.

Willard's character is the owner of a Christmas village and he has delusions he's the real Santa Claus. Look for a serious casualty to happen -- via a zip line -- at the character's village.

The veteran actor was last seen on TV making a cameo on 'Franklin & Bash.'

In other casting news ...

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'30 Rock' Season 5 Finale Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted May 6th 2011 10:30AM
30 Rock, Respawn Recap['30 Rock' - 'Respawn']

I hate to say it but this episode felt more like an afterthought to the regular season than a season finale. Maybe it's because we were taken out of our comfort zone of the 'TGS' environment for a lot of it, but it seemed more like a celebration of the core characters than the ensemble we've come to love.

That in itself isn't a bad thing. It's just that I wasn't too excited about any of the storylines, except maybe the Jack and Kenneth plot. But that's only because that one followed the organic flow of the last episode.

It's not that it was a particularly terrible episode, I'm just used to writers pulling out all the stops to blow us away in their final episode of the season. For me, it's just going to have to be my general love for the show that sees me here in September. Here with the hope the premiere is stronger.

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'30 Rock' 100th Episode Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 22nd 2011 10:45AM
Alec Baldwin, '30 Rock' - '100th Episode'['30 Rock' - '100th Episode']

'30 Rock''s little show-within-a-show is reaching 100 episodes. So's the show about a show, and I've gotta say that I am absolutely exhausted after sitting through that hour of television. Exhausted in a good way.

When '30 Rock' is firing on all cylinders (like on last night's show), it does fast-paced nonsense and throwaway gags at an 'Airplane'-like pace. Add an actual story that made sense, liberally sprinkled with flashbacks and guest stars recalling the past five years, and this is one of the most satisfying 100th episode celebrations of a series I've ever seen.

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Cybill Shepherd Eyes Return to TV, Kristin Chenoweth Gets 'Good' Role and More Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 15th 2011 10:30AM
Cybil ShepherdThe latest big-name celebrity in talks to return to television? 'Moonlighting' star Cybill Shepherd, who has signed on to star in ABC's 'My Freakin' Family.'

The 'Cybil' star will play one part of the overbearing grandparents of a mixed-heritage couple.

According to Deadline, Shepherd will play Nell, the mom of new father Raj. Shepherd's character will dress in Indian garb and clash with Raj's in-laws -- particularly Mo Gaffney's character Maureen -- over new baby Clark's upbringing. You see, Shepherd's character is concerned Clark will end up "white" like Raj did.

Shepherd recently completed a guest arc on USA Network's 'Psych.'

In other TV news ...

Chloe Sevigny will play Lizzie Borden in a new HBO miniseries. The 'Big Love' star will also co-executive produce the project, about the infamous Massachusetts woman accused of murdering her father and step-mother with a hatchet in 1893. [Deadline]

Kristin Chenoweth is also returning to TV with a role in Darren Starr's 'Good Christian Bitches' pilot. The 'Glee' and 'Pushing Daisies' star will play Darlene, the ringleader of the Texan group of ladies. [TVLine]

Will Forte, of 'Saturday Night Live' fame, will voice a regular role on the animated 'Allen Gregory.' The show follows a 7-year-old boy who enters elementary school. [Deadline]

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'Saturday Night Live' Adding Three New Cast Members

by Ryan McKee, posted Aug 30th 2010 1:00PM
Taran KillamSadly, Will Forte is leaving 'Saturday Night Live.' We know MacGruber is a force in the writing room and consistently brings a fun quirk to every character he plays, but does it really take three comedians to replace him? If the rumors are true and three new cast members are joining the show, it appears another exit could be coming.

Taran Killam (pictured) is the most recognizable face in next season's freshman class. He's had recurring roles on 'Scrubs' and 'How I Met Your Mother,' plus he is 'HIMYM' star Cobie Smulders' baby daddy. The other two names floating around, Paul Brittain and Vanessa Bayer, are both improv veterans of Chicago's iO Theater, where Amy Poehler and Andy Richter both started.

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Will Forte Leaving 'Saturday Night Live'

by Jean Bentley, posted Aug 26th 2010 1:00PM
Will ForteHis 'MacGruber' movie might've been a box office bomb, but at least Will Forte is leaving 'Saturday Night Live' with a bang.

The eight-year 'SNL' vet is not returning to the show in the fall, The New York Times reports.

According to two anonymous insiders (or, as the NY Times called them, "two people with direct knowledge of the show's planning but who were not allowed to speak on the record"), the comedian has parted ways amicably with the show, which will begin its 36th season in the fall. Forte is reportedly looking to pursue other projects.

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Will Forte to Guest on 'Parks and Recreation'

by Chris Jordan, posted Jun 4th 2010 2:40PM
The big screen might not exactly be Will Forte's forte, as his 'MacGruber' didn't break any box office records, but the small screen is still beckoning. Forte of 'Saturday Night Live' fame is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of NBC's 'Parks and Recreation,' according to the Ausiello Files.

Forte will play a Pawnee Twi-Hard on the show whose passion for the movie series complicates a project Leslie Knope (SNL alum Amy Poehler, who's also a producer of 'Parks') is working on.

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Will Forte Sings Curse-Filled 'MacGruber' Theme (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted May 21st 2010 2:50PM
Will ForteWant to know the difference between 'MacGruber' and other 'Saturday Night Live' movies? Well, according to star Will Forte, it's the fact that 'MacGruber' is an R-rated movie.

That's a "hard R." Yep, that means strong language and sexual content.

On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' (weeknights, 12:35AM on NBC), Forte sang a very curse-laden version of the 'MacGruber' theme song. At the end he apologizes to his mom for dropping so many f-bombs. If it weren't for The Roots, we'd want an apology for our ears too.

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Best MacGruber 'SNL' Skits

by Megan Friedman, posted May 21st 2010 5:00AM
MacGruberHe can diffuse bombs by just using a paper clip -- all while rocking plaid shirts and a mullet.

He's MacGruber, played by Will Forte in a series of 'Saturday Night Live' sketches that started in 2007, parodying the 1980s series 'MacGyver.'

The setup is always the same: MacGruber, an assistant (played either by Maya Rudolph or Kristin Wiig), and another character played by the show's host are stuck in a room -- with a ticking time bomb about to go off in 20 seconds.

Can MacGruber save the day?

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Will Forte Talks Working with Betty White for 'SNL' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted May 12th 2010 5:30AM
Will Forte Talks 'SNL' with Betty WhiteWorking with Betty White for last weekend's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' was the "best week" Will Forte has ever had on the show, he told David Letterman on 'Late Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS). And that's saying something: He's been on 'SNL' for eight years.

"She would just get standing ovations wherever she went," said Forte. "She deserved it, she's wonderful. And she has so much stamina. She came in Friday morning at about 8:30 ... and worked until 12:30 at night. I was very concerned -- this is an 88-and-a-half-year-old woman."

Ah, but no need to be worried. She shared with Forte her secret diet for endurance and long life.

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Betty White Sings on 'Saturday Night Live' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 9th 2010 10:50PM
Betty White Sings on 'Saturday Night Live'Well, it finally happened. Due to an enormous Facebook-based campaign, Betty White got to be the host of 'Saturday Night Live' (Sat., 11:30PM ET on NBC). On the show, old and new cast members tried to demonstrate their appreciation for the 88-year-old actress by singing their version of 'Thank You for Being a Friend' -- the theme song from White's hit sitcom 'The Golden Girls.' Which was really a very sweet gesture.

But then, White struck back by singing her own version of the song. It turned out to be a little more ... hardcore than what the cast members did. Sometimes, mere words can fail to accurately describe an experience. In this case, only by listening to the song itself can you truly feel the awesome power of Betty White.

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Jenna's New Man on '30 Rock' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 30th 2010 12:45AM
Jenna's New Man on '30 Rock'Jenna (Jane Krakowski) has had a tangled romantic history on '30 Rock' (Thu., 9:30PM ET on NBC). Now, it seems like she has finally met her perfect man. But as it turns out, the perfect man for her... is her. Jenna meets a male cross-dresser (Will Forte) who is a professional "Jenna" impersonator. She promptly falls head over heels for her exact double.

Watch the video after the jump.

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