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October 6, 2015

william shatner

William Shatner Plays Juliet's Dad on 'Psych' (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Dec 1st 2011 8:10AM
William Shatner on 'Pysch'It was all about Juliet on this week's 'Psych' (Wed., 10PM ET on USA). Her 30th birthday was fast approaching and so the guys decided to broker a peace between Jules and her estranged dad, Frank. Who was played by William Shatner.

Frank's a con-man who is now trying to redeem himself after a lifetime of poor fathering. On a stake-out the cops can't risk calling in the SWAT team because civilians could get hurt, so what to do? Luckily Frank leaps into action: "I ... have an idea," he offers.

Frank's idea turns out to be pure genius and the bad guys are delivered right to the door of the police department. As Jules thanks him, Frank smiles and says "It was the least I could do."

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From Small Screen to Singer: When TV Stars Double as Musicians

by Spinner Editors, posted Nov 24th 2011 2:00PM
From Spinner: We love a good crossover, especially when our favorite TV stars pick up a microphone and belt out some tunes.

The good folks over at Spinner have compiled a bunch of videos of TV celebs from Joey Lawrence to Zooey Deschanel as they showcase their vocal chops. Though a number of singers have moved from music to television, this list features stars who made it big on the small screen before picking up a microphone, to varying degrees of success.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: William Shatner Shakes Up the Team on 'Psych'

by Maureen Ryan, posted Nov 16th 2011 3:30PM
When I heard that William Shatner was going to be guesting on 'Psych,' I did a little nerd jig of joy, and not just because I'm a 'Star Trek' nut. 'Psych' is one of my turn-my-brain-off, escapist pleasures, and seeing the Shat bring his inimitable brand of ham to the proceedings sounded like an excellent idea.

The episode itself, which airs Nov. 30 and has Shatner playing Jules' con-man father, is a solidly enjoyable outing. But one question sprang to mind as I watched it: Why aren't there any 'Star Trek' shout-outs in the episode? On a show as pop-culture obsessed as 'Pysch,' not even one Tribble or red-shirt reference? What gives?

Here's what the show's creator and executive producer, Steve Franks, had to say when I asked him about that.

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William Shatner On George Takei Feud: 'I Think He Secretly Was in Love With Me' (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 5th 2011 7:30PM
William Shatner's interview on 'Good Day NY' (weekdays, 9AM ET on Fox) got off to a strange start when co-host Greg Kelly's cell phone rang. In typical Shatner style, it only got weirder from there, as he speculated that the basis for his long-running feud with 'Star Trek' co-star George Takei was that Takei was secretly in love with him. For good measure, he also recited a few lines from 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

Shatner's comments on his feud with Takei probably won't make a reconciliation any more likely. "I don't know whats the matter with him ... he just won't make up. I think secretly he was in love with me, the fact that I kissed him on the lips gently on occasion seemed to inspired him," Shatner said. In his new book 'Shatner Rules,' he writes that he believes Takei couldn't handle not being the one in the 'Star Trek' spotlight.

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Live Long and Prosper, Spock: Leonard Nimoy Attends His Last 'Star Trek' Convention

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 4th 2011 8:45AM
Leonard NimoyTake a deep breath and pull up a chair, Trekkies: Spock has beamed off the ship.

While his evergreen erstwhile 'Star Trek' co-star William Shatner keeps on working like he's still in his 60s, Leonard Nimoy has decided it's time to hang up the pointy ears for good.

Last month he announced that he'd be attending his last 'Star Trek' convention in Chicago this week, and now it's happened. The AP reports that Nimoy parted from fans with the traditional four-fingered Vulcan salute and salutation: "Live Long and Prosper."

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William Shatner on 'Weird or What?,' the Cosmos and How Everything Is Just Plain Odd

by Chris Jancelewicz, posted Sep 12th 2011 2:00PM
If you think about it, there's really no one more appropriate to host a show of this nature than sci-fi legend William Shatner. Each episode of 'Weird or What?' contains several stories of bizarre or otherwise unexplained events or phenomena -- such as a man surviving a several-storey fall, or killer ice balls from the sky -- and each is narrated by the former 'Star Trek' star in his own distinct Shatner-esque manner.

This isn't just moonlighting for him, either; Shatner has always been borderline-obsessed with the unexplainable, even when he was a little boy. AOL TV caught up with him to talk about 'Weird or What,' the cosmos and how everything in our world is extraordinary.

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Charlie Sheen Roast Adds William Shatner, Kate Walsh and Jon Lovitz

by Alex Moaba, posted Sep 8th 2011 3:45PM
The Charlie Sheen Roast just got a little more weird, and significantly more random. Comedy Central announced that former roastee William Shatner, in addition to 'Private Practice' actress Kate Walsh and Jon Lovitz, will be joining Mike Tyson and a slew of stand-up comedians in the public tarring and feathering of America's most embarrassing celebrity.

In addition to those stars, the network also announced that comedians Patrice O'Neal and Amy Schumer will be on the roast dias. Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash will also be there, but it's unclear whether he will be a roaster, or just take a long nap under his giant hat.

The full roast roster also includes previously-announced Roastmaster Seth MacFarlane, Mike Tyson, Steve-O, Anthony Jeselnik and RoastMaster General Jeffrey Ross.

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William Shatner Books 'Rookie Blue' Role

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 7th 2011 3:20PM
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner will find himself on the wrong side of the law in Season 3 of 'Rookie Blue.'

The 'Star Trek' and 'T.J. Hooker' star will play a "very drunk driver" in the third season premiere of ABC's summer cop drama, according to TVLine.

Look for the role to be both dramatic and comedic. Shatner recently headlined the CBS comedy '$#*! My Dad Says.' It was canceled after one season.

'Rookie Blue' is currently wrapping up its second season as part of ABC's summer lineup. Season 3 is currently in production in Canada.

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Fan Expo 2011 Day 4: Malcolm McDowell the Teacher, Robert Englund Casts Luke Skywalker and William Shatner Takes Charge

by Aaron Broverman, posted Aug 29th 2011 2:59PM
Time flies when you're having fun, especially at Fan Expo Canada. Sunday was the final day, and boy was it a humdinger. Fan Expo organizers made sure they went out with a bang with character actor Malcolm McDowell, ('A Clockwork Orange') Freddy Krueger himself (Robert Englund), and a special one-day-only appearance by William Shatner.

Couldn't squeeze it in to your weekend schedule? Thankfully, we were there in your stead, so why not find out what you missed? After all, just because you couldn't attend, doesn't mean you can't pretend...

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TCA Awards Nominate 'Justified,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Community'

by Maureen Ryan, posted Jun 13th 2011 4:35PM
Critics tend to rave about dramas like 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Mad Men' and 'Justified,' so it was no surprise to learn that all those awards picked up multiple nominations from the Television Critics Association, which announced its TCA Awards nominees Monday.

The Television Critics Association is an organization of more than 200 television critics and journalists, and this year, the group made some pretty unimpeachable choices.

On the comedy side, 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Louie,' 'Modern Family' and 'Community' picked up multiple nominations.

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'Friends With Benefits' Gets Premiere Date, Danny Glover Joins 'Touch' & More TV News

by Jean Bentley, posted Jun 9th 2011 4:00PM
Friends With BenefitsAfter being shelved for many months, NBC's 'Friends With Benefits' finally has a premiere date.

The rom-com series starring Danneel Ackles, Ryan Hansen and more (not to be confused with the Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis movie opening later this month, which is not to be confused with the Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman movie from earlier this year) will debut on the network June 25.

According to Deadline, NBC will air back-to-back episodes on Saturday nights from 8-9PM. Ouch.

In other TV news ...

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William Shatner's an Honorary Headbanger at 'Revolver Golden God Awards' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 31st 2011 12:39AM
William Shatner, 'The 3rd Annual Revolver Golden God Awards'When you think of heavy metal and headbangers, who's the first name that come to mind? If you said William Shatner, then you're on the same page as the people behind the 'Revolver Golden God Awards' (Sat., 10PM ET on VH1). The annual hard rock awards bestowed the Honorary Headbanger Award to Shatner, who accepted it with grace and humor.

We were hoping for a little head-banging from the Shat, but the 80-year old simply strode on-stage, gave a short acceptance speech and went on his way. At least he dropped a couple of f-bombs in the speech to add to his cred.

It does keep Shatner's cool factor going, which is more than most people of his age can say. Fans can look forward to his upcoming album, 'Remembering Major Tom,' which features Shatner alongside plenty of legends from all genres of music, including rock.

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Shatner Gets 'Thrilled' by the Audience, Jokes About Leno's Chin on 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 30th 2011 4:35AM
William Shatner, 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'If the producers of 'America's Got Talent' were watching 'The Tonight Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM on NBC) this evening, they would have seen two talents worth snatching up. In a segment called "Thrill Bill," Jay Leno had regular folks come out and perform stunts and tricks to try and impress William Shatner.

One gentlemen combined the tricks of balancing objects on your chin and pulling a tablecloth off of a table while leaving the dishes there. He had a bowl of eggs on a table and balanced the table on his chin. From there, he whipped off the tablecloth, leaving the eggs intact.

Now that's an act worth booking on the summer talent show. And should any of the judges become unavailable, Shatner looked ready to take over with the jokes he had at the ready.

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Captain Kirk Wake-Up Call for Discovery Space Shuttle Crew

by Catherine Lawson, posted Mar 8th 2011 9:05AM
Captain KirkNow here's some news to make the inner Trekkie in all of us feel all tingly and excited.

The space shuttle Discovery embarked on its final flight yesterday after 27 years in service. And what better way for the crew to start the day than by being woken up by a message from Captain Kirk?

A specially recorded message from James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner, replaced the music traditionally played to wake up the shuttle's crew on their last day at the International Space Station.

To the backing of that theme tune (all together now), the message began: "Space ... the final frontier ..."

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William Shatner Sets Sights on Genie Awards

by Sarah Kelsey, posted Feb 16th 2011 11:15AM
Ottawa, get ready -- Captain Kirk is headed to your city. It was just announced that William Shatner, the Canadian icon and current star of '$#*! My Dad Says,' will host this year's Genie Awards gala.

"I'm so looking forward to coming to Canada as the host of the 31st annual Genie Awards and seeing a lot of my old friends," said Shatner in a release issued today. "Unfortunately, most of them are dead of old age."

The annual event celebrates the Canadian film industry and will take place at the National Arts Centre in Canada's capital.

Working alongside Shatner will be 'Barney's Version' and 'Twilight' star Rachelle Lefevre who will act as 'the voice' of the event. Special musical performances and celebrity presenters will be announced in the coming weeks.

Catch the Genie Awards on March 10 at 8PM on CBC.

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