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October 4, 2015

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Glee's "Don't Stop Believin'" goes gold

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 30th 2009 8:02AM
glee_group_foxIf you have any doubt about the power of television in the selling of music and making stars, this story should convince you that there is a definite correlation. Fox's Glee has produced a solid gold successful single.

The Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin'" has been certified as Gold in digital sales of half-a-million downloads. That's 500,000 people who've heard the song on the TV show and wanted it on their iPod or cell phone or some music playing apparatus.

"Don't Stop Believin'" was the first big song from the pilot, but it's not the only song that has been popular. Seven songs from Glee now occupy spots in the top 200 of iTunes' Top Songs chart. On November 3, there will be a compilation CD of the best numbers from the show, called Glee: The Music, Volume 1.

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Emmy Wish List: Supporting Categories - Drama

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 15th 2009 3:26PM
Emmy_statueTalk about a wealth of choices! When it comes to the Primetime Emmys in the supporting actor and actress categories for drama, there are a plethora of worthy candidates. Some shows, like Mad Men or Lost, for instance, have multiple choices in the supporting ranks, especially since these ensembles seem to have a hard time determining who's really the lead.

Earlier, I shared my wish list for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama nominations, and I mentioned that Chloe Sevigny from Big Love would be a deserving selection. A TV Squad reader let me know that Chloe has actually been submitted in the supporting category. Good to know, and with that in mind, I'll start my wish list by talking about that category. (Remember, there are six nominees per category.)

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Time to reschedule your TiVo Series1 manual recordings

by Brad Linder, posted Mar 9th 2007 10:00AM
TiVoSure, TiVo hasn't sold Series1 boxes for a while. But there's still plenty of people out there who bought the original TiVo and never saw a reason to upgrade it.

Well, this weekend you're about to see your first major glitch. TiVo's official Daylight Saving Time page is up. Like we told you earlier this week, Series3 units will handle the earlier Daylight Saving Time change just fine. Series2 units will not miss any recordings, but may display the wrong time for a while.

But TiVo Series1 units will do more than just show the wrong time on the clock. Your Series1 unit will properly record Season Pass, Wish List, and pretty much anything you schedule through the program guide. But manual recordings on these older boxes rely on local time.

That means for the three weeks between March 11th and April 1st, any manually scheduled recordings will start an hour late. So you'll have to schedule them to record an hour early. The easy solution is to schedule all of your recordings through the program guide, but if you have a channel that doesn't show up properly in the guide, or some other reason for scheduling manual recordings, maybe you should keep a clock set to the wrong time by your TiVo as a reminder.

[via TiVo Lovers]

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Gervais hits up Hollywood's A-List for Extras

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 12th 2006 7:22PM
Ricky GervaisA third season of Ricky Gervais' Extras is in the works. This is good news for Gervais fans as the show was rumored to be getting a self-imposed axe after season two a la The Office. But, Gervais is back, and he's got a dilly of guest-star wish list.

For season three, he's looking to snag Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Dick van Dyke, Mickey Rooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Considering that the show has managed to score Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet, Samuel L. Jackson, David Bowie, Orlando Bloom and David Bowie in the past, Gervais shouldn't have any trouble. My personal fave was the episode with Daniel Radcliffe and Diana Rigg. Seeing Harry Potter send a "johnny" flying into Dame Rigg's hair is worth the price of premium cable. And, as far as celebrities taking themselves down a peg, going on Gervais' Extras seems a far better tactic than hosting SNL or waiting around to screw-up and then make a public apology on The Tonight Show. At least with Gervais, you know that you'll actually come off as funny.

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All Anna wants for Festivus

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 11th 2006 10:09AM
battlestar galacticaIf I learned anything from last year's wish list, it's this: Be Careful What You Wish For. Last year, I asked the Festivus fairy for a Kate/Sawyer hook-up on Lost. The producers were kind enough to squeeze it in during the very last new episode this year, but it wasn't exactly gratifying. It was weird, because Sawyer was a little too pathetic to have much sex appeal in that episode. This year, I'm only asking for a little sex and violence.

Here's this year's wish list:
  • A freakin' Emmy for Battlestar Galactica Who does Ron Moore have to screw to get a nomination for Best Drama? The writing on this series is so damn smart and the characters are so brilliantly complicated! The themes are deep and meaningful and the storylines are thought-provoking. For that matter...

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