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October 10, 2015

world news tonight

ABC Gets Flamed Over Two Seconds of News Footage on Toyota Recalls

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 11th 2010 9:01PM
The speedometer from ABC News' report on accelerating ToyotasTwo seconds may not seem like much in the real world (in fact, there's two seconds you'll never get back right there). In TV, however, it can mean an eternity (there goes another two seconds).

ABC News has admitted that footage from Brian Ross' report on recalled Toyota and their sudden acceleration problems contained a misleading shot of a speedometer.

Ross and Southern Illinois University professor David Gilbert went for a ride in a Toyota to recreate the supposed electrical failure that causes the sudden acceleration. Footage of the speedometer's needle spiking was actually taken when the car was idle and not while the car was in motion.

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Diane Sawyer's Ratings Success at ABC's 'World News': Lessons Learned

by Gary Susman, posted Jan 27th 2010 2:30PM
While NBC has been mired in a public bloodbath over job changes among some high-profile employees, ABC has quietly and smoothly managed the job transition between two of its biggest on-air personalities, Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer. Not only did Sawyer's replacement of Gibson last month as anchor of 'World News' occur with a minimum of fuss and strife, but it also has met the network's goal, at least so far, of a ratings boost for the nightly newscast.

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'World News' Ratings Up Under Diane Sawyer

by Michael D. Ayers, posted Dec 30th 2009 11:15AM
Things are looking up for 'World News' anchor Diane Sawyer -- at least in the ratings.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sawyer averaged 8.6 million viewers and a 1.8 rating (adults 25-54) in her first three days on the job, up 6 percent from where Charles Gibson was last year. In doing so, Sawyer helped 'World News' post its highest audience gain over CBS' 'Evening News With Katie Couric' (6.2 million) in 11 months.

That said, Sawyer still has her work cut out for her. Although 'World News' has pulled ahead of CBS' 'Evening News,' it still trails NBC's 'Nightly News With Brian Williams' (9.4 million) by about 800,000 viewers.

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Katie Couric vs. Diane Sawyer: Who Will Be The Ratings Winner?

by Liane Bonin, posted Dec 21st 2009 10:00AM
Diane Sawyer and Katie CouricAs you've undoubtedly heard, Diane Sawyer has ditched 'Good Morning America' to take over 'World News' from Charlie Gibson (her gig began yesterday). And while plenty of people are wondering how George Stephanopoulos will fare in her stead, what we're far more interested in is seeing the bloody ratings catfight that will now be taking place nightly at 6:30 p.m., as Sawyer goes up against Katie Couric over at 'CBS Evening News.'

Sure, it's a battle for second place (the multi-talented and funny Brian Williams is a consistent winner with 'NBC Nightly News', one of the few bright spots in NBC's schedule). But it's one that has the potential for major upheaval (Couric's contract is up in 2011). So, who will win? Right now, odds are in Sawyer's favor -- and here's why.t now, odds are in Sawyer's favor -- and here's why.

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ABC's Charlie Gibson retiring this month

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 1st 2009 8:01PM
To the three of you who still watch the news on a regular basis, here's some news you would have seen coming.

ABC World News' lead anchor Charlie Gibson has announced his retirement. He will leave the show on Dec. 18 and Diane Sawyer will take over the anchor's chair on Dec. 21.

He has only been the station's lead news anchor since May of 2006 when he stepped in for Bob Woodruff who sustained injuries from a roadside bomb in Iraq. Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas replaced World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings who left due to medical reasons.

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Blame Jon Stewart's trustiness on the news media clusterf#*$

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 26th 2009 11:03AM
Jon StewartWalter Cronkite is a tougher act to follow than letting Metallica open for William Hung.

But now that the news legend and former most trusted man in America has passed on to that big newsroom in the great beyond, America needs someone else to trust. They need someone they can depend on to get the hard, cold facts about the important stories that truly affect their lives. They need someone to cut through the political haze of misdirection and mediocrity that cloud almost every major news story like a lingering beer fart.

That man is ... Jon Stewart. Don't like it? Blame the rest of the news media for not doing a better job.

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The Daily Show: March 5, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Mar 5th 2007 11:59PM
Jon Stewart"M*E*S*S": God, this was so depressing. Our wounded soldiers are being treated in awful conditions. Senior Military Analyst John Oliver elaborated on the situation. There is no longer any doubt in my mind: John Oliver lives in the Daily Show studio.

"Dodge Caravan": What was up with that Tony Snow clip? It looked like it was pulled from, like, YouTube or something. Damn interns and their inability to find high-quality clips. Anyway, this segment actually managed to top the "M*E*S*S" bit and make me even more depressed. What a downer.

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Bob Woodruff eases back in at ABC News

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 15th 2006 10:44AM
bob woodruffBob Woodruff, the ABC News anchor who was seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq last January, will soon start appearing in some primetime newscasts. His first assignment is to report on himself-- the attack and his recovery. ABC is calling his recovery "miraculous". He spent the summer recuperating with his family, where his wife says he played tennis, drove the boat and even did pilates with his sister-in-law.

ABC says Woodruff will slowly return starting this fall, but he's not getting his anchor chair back. That's all Charlie's now. Do you think there's an awkward relationship there? Bob didn't even have his anchoring gig for a month before the attack.

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Brian Williams: hates commercial promos, hates crap

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 4th 2006 4:12PM

Brian WilliamsTo follow up on what Keith mentioned earlier today, Brian Williams has a lot of good quotes in this interview with Ed Bark from The Dallas Morning News, including this one:

"If my folks have a new slogan loaded up, they have not shared it with me. I think the feeling in this building is we'll do the best by being the best. I don't plan to change this newscast. We don't need to. Let's do the best newscast instead of the best commercials."

That last part seems to be an indirect nod towards the CBS commercials for Katie Couric taking over the CBS Evening News, and if you don't believe that, there's this quote, when asked why he's in Dallas, as Couric was earlier this summer:

"I'm not coming to address a rally or whip up large crowds of people."

Williams keeps track of the competition, and has been in the business long enough to know what would work on the show and what wouldn't.

"I could load up the Nightly News with crap and probably get a higher rating. We know how to do that but we won't."

NBC Nightly News continues to be the #1 network news program.

[via TV Newser]

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ABC's World News Tonight lops off the Tonight part

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 19th 2006 6:41PM
Charles GibsonStarting this evening (probably as I type this), ABC is debuting a new name for its nightly newscast. It's nothing radical; they've just removed one pesky word: "Tonight."

The decision to rename World News Tonight, which ABC has been using since 1978, to World News (actually, World News with Charles Gibson), is due to the fact that there is now an afternoon webcast attached to the program and updates made on ABCNews.com all day long. According to news president David Westin, "We are committed to expanding ABC News and World News into the 24-hour space created by the digital world, and it makes sense for that reality to be reflected in the title of the broadcast."

This TV Week article also notes that this is the first time the broadcast's title has incorporated Gibson's name. Gibson, of course, took over the anchor spot in June.

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Another farewell for another morning news program

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 26th 2006 9:03AM
charles gibsonThis Wednesday marks the last day that Charles Gibson will co-host Good Morning America. He's not going very far of course: just to the evening anchor chair at the same network. And, this is his second send-off from GMA. Gibson was on GMA for ten years until he left in 1998. Nine months later, he returned to the morning anchor desk and has been there ever since.

Wednesday's farewell episode for Gibson will include special guests Joan Lunden and David Hartman. But, don't expect it to be anything like the tearful love-fest when rival Katie Couric left Today.

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Vargas insists she wasn't pushed out of WNT job

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 6th 2006 12:24PM
Elizabeth VargasWhen Elizabeth Vargas stepped down from her job anchoring World News Tonight, many felt that she was forced to do it by ABC higher-ups because of an unfortunate confluence of poor ratings, Bob Woodruff's injury and her unexpected pregnancy. The pregnancy angle riled up lots of people, including feminist groups such as NOW. In fact, these groups publicly criticized the network, even bringing in its treatment of the Geena Davis-led Commander-in-Chief into their tirades (talk about going a step too far...).

But Vargas insists that the decision to give up the WNT anchor chair was hers. In fact, as she tells Gail Shister of the Philadelphia Inquirer, "I played a crucial and active role in this decision. It's the best thing for me and my family and my career right now... . I have no complaints." She still wants to anchor a five-day-per-week show in some capacity -- maybe even in the mornings -- but she won't even attempt to do so until both her kids are a little older.

[via Mediabistro]

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Charlie Gibson becomes anchor, inserts foot in mouth

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 1st 2006 7:40PM
charles gibsonNew ABC World News Tonight anchor Charles Gibson took the helm on Monday and already he's in a bit of hot water. In a question-and-answer style interview printed in New York magazine, Gibson appears to suggest that issues in Africa are not worth covering. When asked whether he'll be traveling as much as his rival, Brian Williams, who reported from Africa late last month on the issues of poverty and AIDS, Gibson answered, "Now he's in Africa. I don't know why you do that. Why the hell do you go to Africa? It's certainly an interesting choice. We'll do travel, when it warrants."

Gibson says he was quoting an e-mail he sent to a friend who works as a producer for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. In an interview with the Associated Press today, Gibson clarifies that he was questioning why Brian Williams had to go to Africa with a rock star (U2's Bono).

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Is there really a difference between Gibson and Couric?

by Bob Sassone, posted May 31st 2006 12:02PM
Charles GibsonIn this Slate story about the "real" reasons behind the departure of Elizabeth Vargas from ABC's World News Tonight - you can debate the whole "is she being let go because she's pregnant?" question, because I think it's a shaky argument to delve into and is sort of an insult to Vargas and her pregnancy - there's a quote from a journalism professor about Charlie Gibson (taking over for Vargas) and Katie Couric (taking over for Bob Schieffer):

"Gibson is an excellent choice, and having him start three months before Katie Couric is probably a good strategy. Gibson is a solid newsman, old school, nothing frilly or fancy. The contrast with Couric will be stunningly obvious."

Now wait a second. Isn't Gibson coming from Good Morning America, a morning talk show just like The Today Show? I've seen him talk about American Idol and interview movie stars and help with the cooking segments, so how is that different from Couric (regardless of the years that Gibson has over Couric)? Has anyone who has seen Couric handle serious news - from 9/11 to Columbine to Katrina - really think she can't be a serious prescence on the evening news? It's not like they're bringing in Bozo The Clown or Martha Stewart to do the news, she's been a newsperson for a while. Hell, even Mike Wallace did morning shows and cheesy commercials.

I don't know, the quote seems out of touch.

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Could Diane Sawyer move to CNN?

by Bob Sassone, posted May 28th 2006 9:29AM
Diane SawyerNow that her Good Morning, America coanchor Charles Gibson is going to be the anchor of ABC's World News Tonight, industry insiders are saying that Diane Sawyer might see this as an opportunity to go someplace else, and some are guessing CNN, which NY Times TV writer Bill Carter predicts will soon be going through some major changes.

It probably doesn't help that GMA's surge has sort of waned in the battle with NBC's The Today Show, and when Meredith Viera comes on board ...

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