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October 13, 2015

year one

Suddenly I think I weigh more than Horatio Sanz

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 17th 2009 6:01PM
I turned on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and noticed this in-shape, leading-man guy being interviewed and I couldn't figure out who it was. It was Horatio Sanz, Fallon's former cohort on SNL. He's lost 100 pounds, grown a beard, and dresses a lot better, and he doesn't look anything like his old self. He and Fallon showed one of their "we can't stop laughing" sketches from SNL. It's not the Debbie Downer sketch we all remember, but it's worth seeing again.

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McLovin does a Letterman

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 17th 2009 5:05PM
Looks like David Letterman isn't the only celebrity to make a joke about someone's daughter having sex. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, from Superbad and Year One, stopped by Fox 5 NY for an interview and said something similar to the host (about 3:20 into the video). This won't be controversial, but her reaction is funny.

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Right now on Cinematical

by Kona Gallagher, posted Feb 1st 2009 3:28PM
The folks at our sister site Cinematical are working hard to give you news and reviews of the best -- and worst -- the silver screen has to offer. Here are some of their musings on the latest blockbusters, indies, and everything in between:

  • It's super commercial night! There may be some sort of game on in between, but this is the day of sweet new ads. A few have popped up online already: check out the trailers for the Transformers sequel and Star Trek.
  • ...And here are the trailers for Land of the Lost, starring Will Ferrell and Pushing Daisies' Anna Friel, Year One, Up, and more.
  • "So you're just gonna make SPITE NOISE until the movie ends, huh? Just because I had the ignorance to ask you to stop talking during a movie. And you, the parents, condoning it. Brilliant." --Cinematical's Scott Weinberg did not have a good experience watching The Uninvited.
  • I love Jennifer Garner and think she should be in movies all the time (that is, if she doesn't want to make me really happy by returning to television), so it makes me sad that she's doing movies like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. It... doesn't look good.
  • So I'm trying to find someone who would be interested in watching my baby for about 12 hours or so, so I can go to an AMC theater and watch all five Best Picture Oscar nominees. Any takers?

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