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September 2, 2015


TV Moment of 2009: Kanye Interrupts Taylor Swift at MTV Video Music Awards

by Chris O'Connell, posted Dec 28th 2009 8:00AM
Taylor Swift"Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time."

Words that will live forever in infamy. Sort of. In one of the most baffling awards show moments ever, Kanye West stormed the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards just after Taylor Swift was awarded Best Female Video. Swift, and the rest of America, looked on awkwardly.

Was this really happening? Once everyone remembered who was doing the interrupting, it didn't seem so shocking. Kanye had pulled this sort of act before, once even a couple of years ago at the MTV Europe Music Awards when he crashed the stage after losing an award to French duo Justice.

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Top TV Stories of 2009: The continued rise of online video

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 23rd 2009 2:05PM
alec baldwin for hulu
When Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Emmys, Dr. Horrible conveniently invaded for a moment, spreading webseries fear throughout the TV industry audience. It was a funny bit, serving mainly as a vehicle for some jokes about buffering and tiny screen sizes. Hopefully that made the TV people feel better, if only for a little while, because online video is showing no signs of stopping.

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Norah Jones and Jimmy Kimmel rewrite a Christmas classic

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 18th 2009 10:49PM
If you're anything like me (first of all, may God have mercy on your soul), you always scratch your head when you hear "The 12 Days of Christmas." Who the hell wants maids-a-milking outside of some bizarre hedonism cruise?

Thankfully, crooner Norah Jones and late night's Jimmy Kimmel have stepped in to give the classic song a desperately needed updating.

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YouTube Temporarily Saves 'The Beautiful Life'

by Bryan Enk, posted Dec 17th 2009 12:00PM
Fan(s?) rejoice! 'The Beautiful Life: TBL' has been resurrected -- sort of.

The Hollywood Reporter brings news that the CW drama, which was canceled mere days after the airing of its second episode, will run its course on YouTube. Starting Monday, December 21, the two episodes that were aired in September will be available online, as well as three episodes that were completed but never broadcast.

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Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent appearance most watched thing on YouTube in '09

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 16th 2009 8:01PM
This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who doesn't live in a cave or still have dial-up Internet... or both. Although given the economy these days, I'm sure I can forgive people who still live in caves.

Susan Boyle's breakthrough performance on Britain's Got Talent garnered the most eyeballs on YouTube in 2009 with a whopping 120 million views.

Sorry, dog that's stuck in a toilet as cruel owner films you. Maybe next year.

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What Allison is thankful for

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 22nd 2009 4:03PM
Thanksgiving is coming and for many of us it's time to eat, drink and watch football. It's also a time to reflect on the things you're grateful for and since TV Squad is all about television, here's what I'm grateful for this holiday season, with regard to the tube.

Mad Men season finale
There was really nothing as satisfying in the entire year for me. Matt Weiner promised a game-changing episode and he delivered it with a whopper of a wrap up. Actually, nothing was really wrapped; it was more like the cards have been dealt and we're still waiting to see how the hands are played.

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Commercial spoofs take shots at DirecTV's Chris Farley spot

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Nov 4th 2009 5:02PM
Controversy raged last weekend as fans and media types reacted to a new DirecTV ad using the late Chris Farley in scenes from Tommy Boy. Now, some aggressive YouTubers are taking their shot at offending some people (with DirecTV execs at the top of the list).

The original ad featured a live action David Spade discussing DirecTV against Farley's antics from Tommy Boy. While Spade insisted Farley wouldn't mind, a lot of his fans took offense to using a dead man to hawk a product.

But the video below, from a YouTube page, The Landline, lights up the satellite TV provider with an edgy send-up of the "dead talk cash" stunt with faked DirecTV ads featuring a pseudo Heath Ledger, John F. Kennedy, and someone else you'll recognize.

There's a conspiracy theory floating around that this is actually clever viral marketing from DirecTV itself -- since no publicity is bad publicity. But, if that were true, and word really got out, it'd be "deadly" to the company's business.

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Zach Braff goes on YouTube to say he's not dead at all

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 14th 2009 7:00PM
The latest celebrity death rumor that turned out to be false was the one about Scrubs star Zach Braff. He didn't kill himself by taking pills. To prove it, Braff has made the video below. He calls the guy who started the fake rumor (he even created a fake CNN page to make it more believable) a "douchebag" because the story upset his mom.

There's a special guest star at the end.

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To Catch a Predator Catches up to Roman Polanski

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Oct 13th 2009 9:02AM
Chris Hansen meets Roman Polanski on a fictional version of To Catch a Predator.Before it got self-referential and started playing up its own celebrity, NBC Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" series was a distinct guilty pleasure. It did the heart good to see some genuinely depraved lowlifes humiliated on nationwide TV before heading off to prison where they'd no doubt meet predators more adept than themselves.

Meanwhile, with so many in Hollywood reaching out to defend confessed child rapist Roman Polanski, It was inevitable that some clever video editor would bring "Predator" host Chris Hansen and moviedom's most prominent pedophile together for a brief interview on YouTube (video after the jump).

The exchange hits all of the "Predator" chestnuts as, whenever Hansen ambushed one of these depraved disasters, there'd be excuses and denials galore. Sadly, Polanski outlived the real "To Catch a Predator" as lame lawsuits involving tired notions of due process and entrapment ruined the fun for everyone.

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The Geico lizard is everywhere

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 30th 2009 5:00PM
Have you noticed how many spokespeople that Geico has? They have the lizard, the cavemen, that creepy stack of money with the eyes, and now they even have commercials where potholes and pipes talk to car owners. You don't usually seem one company with so many TV commercial icons.

The lizard is still popular though, and he's in more places than ever. Like videos made by famous YouTube stars.

[via Adfreak]

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Interviews with Emmy/TV Legends hit the net

by Brad Trechak, posted Sep 14th 2009 4:30PM
Archive of American TelevisionThe Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation is now launching a new website called EmmyTVLegends.org. It will include interviews with various celebrities who witnessed the rise of television including Milton Berle, Bob Hope and Walter Cronkite. Ironically, this is being done via the Internet. It's a bit like the passing of the torch from one predominant global medium of communication to the next.

Granted, all the videos have been uploaded to YouTube, so it's possible to find them without going through the website. Still, it's nice that the website organizes the interviews for the viewer. I was channeling my mother for a moment while watching some of them and thinking either "he/she looks so young in that interview" or "he/she is dead now".

The site represents a real treasure trove of television stories and history. I've only had a chance to watch a few of them so far. If you're interested in the medium I recommend watching some of them in your free time.

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The Twilight guy reviews the new Harry Potter movie

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 17th 2009 11:28AM
I'm not even going to pretend that this clip is particularly funny (though I did laugh at some of the inane names of magic spells that Jimmy Fallon comes up with), but I think it's worth watching to see some of the bizarre stuff that Fallon is doing on Late Night. I've seen some of the Harry Potter movies but I haven't seen Twilight, so I'm not sure if Fallon is making references to the movie or what ("bothered?").

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Jaleel White talks about what matters to him with new series Road to the Altar

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 6th 2009 2:28PM
Jaleel White and Leyna Juliet Weber in Most prime time network shows have a chain of command that would make the Pentagon look like a PTA board.

There's the writers who send their scripts to the show runners who then have to filter their changes through the director who send them to the producer where it's thumbed through and sent to a group of picky censors and so on and so on. Ninety offices later, the script is finally ready for shooting, even though the story went from a quirky drama about a lawyer who represents illegal immigrants to a sci-fi epic about mutant leeches who suck out astronauts' brains through their nostrils.

But actor Jaleel White has found a place in Hollywood where the usual studio aristocracy has been thrown away in the name of freedom and simplicity: the Internet.

"I'm so excited about it because I don't need to go to an executive now," White said in a recent phone interview. "Our focus group is America."

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That was fast! Showtime gives Nurse Jackie second season pickup

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 10th 2009 11:09AM
jackie showtimeMere hours after the series premiered on the cable net, Showtime has renewed Nurse Jackie for a second season. Why so fast, you might wonder? Well, Showtime could point to the biggest premiere since 2004, but because it was on pay cable the total number of viewers is less than two million. Those are the kind of numbers that would get it canceled on USA or TNT, not to mention ABC or CBS, but for Showtime it's excellent.

Excellent is also what a majority of TV critics and bloggers -- including Jane -- had to say about the Edie Falco dark comedy. Some were more effusive than others, but for all intents and purposes, the press was pro-Jackie from the get-go. But not everyone loved the show. Nurses complained loudly about the depiction of their profession.

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The wit and wisdom of ABC News on YouTube

by Nick Zaino, posted May 7th 2009 3:03PM
ABC News on YouTubeThe announcement of an ABC News branded channel on YouTube yesterday is a little puzzling. First, if you go to the site, the info bar indicates that "ABC News" joined YouTube August 7, 2006. So, maybe they've been working feverishly for nearly three years on this, and they were finally ready to tell people about it.

The site will feature news from several ABC programs, like Good Morning America, 20/20, Nightline, ABC World News, and This Week with George Stephanopoulos. And, as a bonus, we get the "Quick Fix" segment, which ABC called "a daily dose of wit and occasionally wisdom" from ABC correspondents.

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