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October 4, 2015

yvonne strahovski

So ... what's going on over at Chuck?

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 3rd 2009 1:46PM
We really don't know much about what's going on with NBC's Chuck, plot-wise. We don't even know when it's coming back.

Televisionary has an interview with Yvonne Strahovski. She talks about how she's a little surprised the show is even coming back and reveals a little bit about where the show will be going after the last season finale (seems like so long ago...) where Chuck got his powers.

[Watch clips and episodes of Chuck and other shows at SlashControl.]

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NBC wants more Chuck (and so do I)

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 28th 2009 11:39PM
ChuckHey Southland fans: sorry about the cancellation and everything. But NBC has ordered more episodes of Chuck! Woo-hoo!

Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly is reporting that NBC has upped the episode order from 13 to 19. Not sure why they didn't just make it 22 (a full season), but regardless, this must mean that NBC really wants to get behind the show. Or they realized they really don't have anything else in the wings and want to please the fans they do have.

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The Show Girl Has Scoop on Season 3 of 'Chuck,' a 'Lost'-'V' Connection & More - VIDEO

by Maggie Furlong, posted Oct 23rd 2009 10:00AM
Chuck, Zachary LeviYou've got questions? I've got answers. I'm The Show Girl!

What's happening with Season 3 of 'Chuck'? You all wanted to know, so I visited the set to find out, and ended up talking yogurt with Yvonne Strahovski and joking with Zach Levi about directing an episode.

Plus, I get 'V' stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Morris Chestnut to chat about more 'Lost'-ies joining their cast, and share the inside scoop about those tabloid rumors surrounding Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage, straight from the source.

Want more? Email me TV questions at TheTVShowGirl@aol.com -- who knows, I might just give you an answer on the show. Now watch, enjoy and come back next week for more. Until then, happy TV watching! -- By Maggie Furlong

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Big-screen Superman suiting up to join small-screen Chuck

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 27th 2009 6:29PM
Brandon RouthIt's not a permanent gig, but it seems like he might wish it is. According to Michael Ausiello, Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) has signed to appear on Chuck as the new leader of Operation Bartowski. This puts him in the role of mentor to Chuck, which is the good news. The bad news is he'll also be a rival for Sarah's affection.

But what does this mean for Casey? Where will he be during all of this? Why do I have to wait until March for the new season of Chuck, NBC? Hey, make me a deal. If one of your new shows tanks, or if The Jay Leno Show fails to deliver, bring back Chuck earlier. How about October. That works for me.

Why intentionally put a show on the shelf for that long, anyway? Especially if that show is still trying to grow its audience. Would it hurt you to put on some Chuck reruns once in awhile? Don't you get tired of all those Law & Order repeats all over the schedule? People love lighter fare in the summertime.

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New Chuck poster unveiled

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 24th 2009 11:04AM
ChuckI haven't watched the season finale of Chuck since it aired, but didn't both Chuck and Morgan quit the Buy More? I was wondering that as I looked at this new poster for the new season. It shows Chuck in his shirt and name tag and Morgan standing in his outfit with the Buy More gang.

It's a cool poster though (here's a giant version of the pic). Looks a lot like a poster for a 70s movie. NBC has renewed the series for 13 episodes.

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Hmmm ... NBC.com is calling the Chuck season finale a "series finale"

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 28th 2009 11:48AM
Chuck vs. the ringThis is probably the web site version of the swine flu, meaning PLEASE DON'T PANIC, but it seems that NBC's web site is calling last night's awesome Chuck season finale ("Chuck Me!" - there's your catch phrase, fans) a "series finale" (on the right, near "Next On").

Of course, this could just be a lack of communication between the network and the people who maintain the web site. Maybe the person writing the headlines and posting the videos and putting up the descriptions put "series" instead of "season." But since Chuck is on the bubble and fans are really anxious to see if the show will come back for a third season, any little sign of news (good or bad) is something that gets our attention.

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Zachary Levi takes 600 friends to Subway

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 27th 2009 4:47PM
Back when I worked in restaurants, I think my co-workers and I would have been freaked out if 600 people showed up to eat ALL AT ONCE. I hope the people in the video below had some warning. It's Chuck himself, Zachary Levi, taking 600 fans to Subway in a campaign to help save the show (the season finale airs tonight). Not the best video in the world, but you get the idea when you watch it. Save Chuck! (thanks to reader Argus for the video!)

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Sneak Peeks: this could be the last episode of Chuck ever

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 27th 2009 10:36AM
Tonight is the season finale of Chuck. Of course, you probably also realize that it could very well be the series finale of Chuck. Sure, it's a show with a big fan base, and quality-wise it's one of the best things on NBC. But that doesn't mean that NBC will realize what they have and renew. Not when they can save money with Biggest Loser: Pets or whatever show they come up with to put on Monday nights. Here's a sneak peek of tonight's season finale.

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Here's how you can help save Chuck

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 20th 2009 1:02PM
ChuckChuck airs on NBC tonight at 8, and the season finale airs next Monday night. It's actually in danger of being canceled. But a major campaign has started to get the show renewed, and this time TV critics are getting behind it too.

Alan Sepinwall has written an open letter to NBC not just pleading with them to renew the show but also giving logical, business reasons to renew it (product integration, a good show for recession escapism, etc). He calls the show the best thing on NBC right now. Not sure if I exactly agree with that (I love 30 Rock too), but it's certainly one of the top 10 shows on TV right now.

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Chuck season finale will be satisfying (even if there's no third season)

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 2nd 2009 9:22AM
ChuckChuck is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. It's so ridiculously entertaining that I haven't even thought for a second that it might not be renewed for a third season. But that's a possibility.

Co-creator and producer Josh Schwartz tells Sci-Fi Wire that even if the show is not picked up for another season, the season finale will be very satisfying for fans but at the same time will be a "game changer." Schwartz says the finale (and they are considering this a finale, because they don't know if they're going to be renewed or not) will launch the show in a new direction. It's actually the finale that they've been planning to do since the first episode.

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On the 9th day of Festivus, TV gave to me... - VIDEOS

by Kona Gallagher, posted Dec 15th 2008 5:13PM
hugh laurie...Nine foreign Americans

With all of the starry-eyed, out-of-work Midwesterners who litter Sunset Blvd., one would assume that our television landscape would be similarly populated with corn-fed blonds. You would, however, be wrong. In fact, there are a ton of non-Americans who have come to Hollywood to take all of our primetime show-starring jobs.

What's fun for me is watching the shows to see who does a good version of an American accent, and who needs to spend a little more time with their dialect coaches. Below are nine stars who've jumped the pond to come to the good ol' U. S. of A.

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On the 11th day of Festivus, TV gave to me...

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 13th 2008 6:30PM
It's cold outside, but it's warm in here...... Eleven babes worth watchin'

Oh sure, there may be 12 shows a stinkin', but there's still reason to tune in. See just like advertisers, show-runners and TV executives know that sex sells. And hot chicks sell. And hot chicks selling their sexuality sell like hotcakes ... or chicks ... I never can get that right. But just being hot and sexy isn't enough. To really sell it, they need to be as close to naked as legally allowed on the airwaves. We're talking "Oops, sorry to barge in on you standing there in your underwear bending over the bed pulling on your fishnet stockings. Nice rack."

Sometimes near-nudity, and even nudity, legitimately serves the plot. Let's face it, Anna Paquin had to bang that vampire on True Blood so she was going to have to get naked. It's a necessity. But Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck? Does she have to be in her underwear that often to protect the Intersect? Was it required by Simon Elder that Karen Darling be in her underwear in order to talk to him? Of course not. But it's hot and that's the way we like it. Hell, they made Catalina a stripper on My Name is Earl.

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Tricia Helfer and other hot chicks coming to Chuck

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 21st 2008 5:11PM
Tricia HelferNBC's Chuck is about to get an added dash of sexy to go along with the unbelievable level of sexy that already exists on the show. I'm talking about Yvonne Strahovski, not Adam Baldwin.

Battlestar Galactica favorite Tricia Helfer will guest star in this season's 18th episode as a spy who is assigned to Chuck. No, she isn't replacing Strahovski, this is only a one-episode thing (though I bet the door will be left open for her to come back). I'm guessing there is going to be some tension between both female agents when it comes to helping Chuck.

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Chuck: Chuck vs. the Seduction

by Paul Goebel, posted Oct 7th 2008 8:23AM

The reason I watched The OC(S02E02) "His liver must look like camouflage." - Chuck Bartowski

As amusing as he is, I can't say that I'm excited about Lester becoming a douchebag now that he is assistant manager. Haven't we already seen this on shows like The Office? Of course, everyone still defers to Chuck on anything important, but a complete lack of discipline was what made the Buy More a great place to work, wasn't it?

Did the producers copy my iPod when I wasn't looking? Once again, Huey Lewis is the perfect musical choice.

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Chuck - VIDEO - Comic-Con Report

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jul 28th 2008 11:30PM
chuck panel
There are only so many hours of television I can fit in a day, so I'm picky and particular about what I watch. Chuck is one of those shows that I watched early last season, I liked it, but for reasons I can't think of, it didn't make the cut. Seeing as it was good enough and is clearly popular enough to have a second season, with the first season DVDs out in a couple of months, I may have to do some catching up and find a way to fit it in.

This session was great for fans of the show, as the first five minutes or so were filled with a video montage of scenes from next season. I'll describe some of those scenes in my summary below, but I'll start them off with SPOILER in case you don't want to know.

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