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October 13, 2015


Good News, 'Primeval' Fans: the Show is Coming Back

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 15th 2010 1:02PM
It's good to report some TV news involving a canceled show that's actually good. Last June we gave you the news that 'Primeval,' the show where a team of scientists battles monsters coming through some sort of portal, wasn't going to be renewed for another season. Well, forget about all that because the show is coming back in 2011.

The web site for the show says that the show will be able to come back for 13 new episodes next year because of a "unique international collaboration." Which I'm guessing means that various companies from various countries are putting some money behind the series.

I like how the official site not only says that the show is coming back but that they're still going to have great special effects. So the monsters won't be hand puppets or people in suits a la Godzilla.

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Czechs parody reality television

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 16th 2006 11:17AM
Oh, those Czechs. They do have a sense of humor. There's a show on public television in the Czech Republic that makes fun of the American obsession with reality programming, which is also sweeping Czech television. A zoologist created a weekly reality program featuring four apes at a zoo, called Unmasking. The creators of the show put 16 cameras in a pavilion at the Prague Zoo, to allow viewers to watch the gorillas do what they do (you can also watch them online). The goal of the program is actually to educate the public about gorillas. For the last three months, viewers have seen the apes mosey, groan, scratch themselves, sleep, eat, preen, and generally be ape-like. The producers launched a write-in campaign for the Czech public to choose their favorite gorilla. The winner receives 12 watermelons.

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